Laryn Kropik - University Apartments Galveston

FELLC | 10 Dec, 2020

Laryn Kropik

These apartments are a great price and conveniently located by A&M. Even if you don’t go there, UTMB is only a 10-minute drive too! Reasons to live here vs. on the main island: 1. It doesn’t flood on pelican island! We have had a pretty bad hurricane season and I have not had any flooding issues here. I think pelican island is built higher up than the main island. I know people at other apartments on the main island who had landlords lie to them when they were signing their lease. Now they have had to move their cars and get ready with towels every time it storms. 2. Maintenance is extremely responsive! When we have had problems (you will have maintenance problems anywhere you go) they come out right away to fix them. I’ve lived in other places where I could not say the same, so this is very appreciated and super valuable! 3. The office staff are so friendly! They know everyone’s names when they come in to pick up packages or have questions and they are so nice! Kindness is a small thing that makes a HUGE difference in where you live. 4. Pet-friendly with a big dog park! There is also an outdoor garden space! 5. A courtesy officer lives here! Also, pelican island has some of the lowest crime rates in Galveston